Review: Wait For Me, a magical British dance musical

By Constance Drugeot

Picture: all rights reserved

On Monday 5th October 2020, a new British Dance Musical premiered online on Inplayer. Written by Sam Cassidy and directed and choreographed by Ainsley Ricketts, this musical follows the love story of Jack and Emma, two mortal soulmates, whose guardian angels lead them towards each other. In this beautiful musical composition, we watch the ups and downs of the lives they lived and danced as one. 

Starring Chrissy Brooke as Emma, Jaih Betote as Jack, Ainsley Ricketts as Jack’s angel, Clarice Lanta-Lilly as Emma’s angel, Wait For Me took my breath away from the moment it began. The choreography was so powerful and meaningful, it was almost speaking for itself, telling this enchanting story in a way that I had never seen before. This was stunning to witness. 

The performer’s acting was also beyond words. The range of emotions portrayed by the performers is incredible. I felt as if I was part of their story. Their love, their joy, their pain, their sorrow, their hope, their faith… I felt everything so deeply and yet, no words were spoken. 

Only the voices of Eloise Davies and Bluey Robinson gave the story a melody, following Jack and Emma as navigate their life and their love throughout the blissful times and the tragedies. The music was so pure and moving, it was magical. Their song was a love song, in all its intricate and complex patterns. 

I was – and I am still – completely in awe of everyone’s performances. As I watched their stories unfold, from their birth to their death, I found myself smiling and crying, unable to take my eyes off of the screen. 

I was particularly moved by Chrissy’s performance, especially when – spoiler alert – she thinks and dances about her lost child. This scene was so heartbreaking and I could feel every emotions, everything she was feeling through her and Clarice’s dancing, and Eloise’s singing. As for Jaih, I loved the scene where Jack is about to join Emma in the afterlife. The song performed by Bluey and the incredible dancing given by Jaih and Ainsley were very touching, and simply beautiful. The ending where they are reunited in heaven and dance together for all eternity until their love create new life is just magical to witness.  

Wait For Me is a rollercoaster of emotions, which combines perfectly dance, theatre and music. This love story goes beyond spoken words and lasts throughout time. This is a representation of ethereal love in its most beautiful form. 

So, if you have 50 minutes free in your day, go and watch Wait For Me

It’s 50 minutes of pure heaven. 

I loved every minute. 

Wait For Me is available on InPlayer for £9.99, don’t miss out on this masterpiece!


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