Get To Know – EPIC: The Troy Saga, the new viral musical hit

A meticulously crafted piece of art that will leave its mark for sure.

Fan of The Lightning Thief and Hadestown, it’s about time you discover your new musical obsession with EPIC.

If you’ve been on social media in the last few weeks, chances are that you stumbled upon the new TikTok phenomenon: EPIC.

And it’s all thanks to the community. Prior to the album release, the musical gathered 60 million views across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. But since then, it received an additional 10 millions views and over 30 000 tik-toks were created using the “Warrior Of The Mind” snippet. Even more impressive, the yet-to-be-released show has a very active community of over 17,000 fans on Discord sharing fanart, cover songs, ideas and memes. And it keeps growing every day!

The musical tells the tale of Odysseus’ 20-year journey home through several challenges – being challenged by gods and monsters. According to its creator, the writing of the show was heavily inspired by video games and anime.

Jorge Rivera-Herrans, creator and producer of EPIC, a loose musical adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey recently announced the release of the first in a series of concept albums. Entitled EPIC: The Troy Saga, the first EP, which came out on December 25, consists of the opening five songs from the musical. The EP is already available to stream on all major streaming platforms including Spotify where it gathered over 2.5 million streams in three days. In less than 12 hours, EPIC: The Troy Saga was already on top of the charts on iTunes, being the #1 soundtrack.

Highlights are the viral and quite-fitting epic hit “Warrior Of The Mind” featuring Taegan Earley as Athena and the anthemic “Full Speed Ahead” with its smooth yet powerful melody that will make you feel like you’re part of the story. Rivera-Herrans already manages to capture a sweeping range of emotions, genres and styles with those first five songs. A meticulously crafted piece of art that will leave its mark for sure.

According to its creator, the full musical will feature multiple musical genres including classic pop, rock, orchestral and electronic. Throughout the show, each character will be paired with a specific instrument that represent them musically: Odysseus being the guitar, Athena the piano and Poseidon the trumpet.

More albums are set to follow in the near future, the show being divived into 9 sagas: Troy, Cyclops, Ocean, Circe, Underworld, Thunder, Wisdom, Vengeance and Ithaca.

To give life to its idea, Jorge Rivera-Herrans gathered around him a talented cast from all around the world. With many auditioning through TikTok. So far, the cast consists of Taegan Earley as Athena, Stevan Dookie and Polites, Luke Holt as Zeus, Armando Julián as Eurylochus, Rivera-Herrans as Odysseus. The EPIC ensemble is also made up of Drew Arisco, Alessandra Casanova, John Coons, Michael Fisher, Graham Hancock, Leah Platt, Fernanda Sardaneta, Erica Spondike, and Keith Weiss.

More are set to be announced as the creator is currently hosting auditions on the viral platform – If you dream of playing Poseidon, this could be your chance!

EPIC: The Troy Saga is produced and distributed by BRP Records, a company led by Tony-nominated producer Blair Russell.


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