EPIC: The Cyclops Saga, second part of the viral musical hit, now available to stream

Jorge Rivera-Herrans, creator and producer of EPIC, a loose musical adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey recently announced the release of the second EP “The Cyclops Saga” in a series of concept albums.

The musical, divided in 9 parts, tells the tale of Odysseus’ 20-year journey home through several challenges – being challenged by gods and monsters.

This time, the storyline includes Odysseus battling with Polyphemus the cyclop. Once again, it’s the melodies that catch our attention. Fortunately, they’re still as epic but with much more tension and many lives at stake. On “Survive”, the urge to fight inhabits the whole song, enhanced with powerful vocals from the soldiers. On “Remember Them”, the mood shifts as an electric guitar (Odysseus instrument), fills the melody, backed with the drums. Add to that the deep voices of the cyclops and you’ll get the perfect rock’n’roll revenge song.

While “Warrior Of The Mind” was the anthemic song of the first saga, “My Goodbye” sees Athena and Odysseus coming face to face again in an almost gut-wrenching song. Once mentor and mentee, the duo is now parting ways, not seeing eye to eye anymore. Another great finale that leaves us hungry for more.

The first EP, “The Troy Saga” was released on christmas day and was made available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify where it gathered over 2.5 million streams in three days. In less than 12 hours, EPIC: The Troy Saga was already on top of the charts on iTunes, being the #1 soundtrack. We have no doubt that the second EP will be meet by the fans with as much enthusiasm.

According to its creator, the full musical will feature multiple musical genres including classic pop, rock, orchestral and electronic. Throughout the show, each character will be paired with a specific instrument that represents them musically: Odysseus being the guitar, Athena the piano and Poseidon the trumpet.

EPIC: The Troy Saga is produced and distributed by BRP Records, a company led by Tony-nominated producer Blair Russell.


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