INSIDE A Chorus Line rehearsals at Curve Theatre in Leicester

They really need this job! 

(click the pics to see them full-size)

Ahead of its opening on December 3 at Curve Theatre in Leicester, A Chorus Line has released new rehearsal images featuring the whole cast.

The cast includes Adam Cooper who will take on the role of Zach, the director / choreographer responsible for putting the performers through their paces in the show’s audition. He will play alongside Carly Mercedes Dyer as Cassie, Zach’s ex-lover and auditionee.

The cast also features Ronan Burns as Bobby Mills, Beth Hinton-Lever as Bebe Benzenheimer, Katie Lee as Kristine Ulrich and Redmand Rance as Mike Costa, Emily Barnett-Salter as Sheila Bryant, Bradley Delarosbel as Gregory Gardner, Lizzy-Rose Esin-Kelly as Diana Morales, André Fabien Francis as Richie Walters, Ainsley Hall Ricketts as Paul San Marco, Joshua Lay as Al Deluca, Kanako Nakano as Judy Turner, Hicaro Nicolai as Swing, Jamie O’Leary as Mark Anthony, Tom Partridge as Don Kerr, Rachel Jayne Picar as Connie Wong, Chloe Saunders as Val Clarke, Charlotte Scott as Maggie Winslow, Hollie Smith-Nelson as Swing, Marina Tavolieri as Swing and Taylor Walker as Larry.

A Chorus Line will run from December 3 to December 31 at Curve and will feature  iconic songs such as ‘One’, ‘I Hope I Get It’, ‘Nothing’ and the hit ballad ‘What I Did For Love’.

Directing the show is Nikolai Foster who will work alongside choreographer Ellen Kane. They will be joined by set designer Grace Smart with musical supervision from David Shrubsole, costume design by Edd Lindley, lighting by Howard Hudson, sound design by Tom Marshall and musical direction by Tamara Saringer.

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