Olivia Colman and Ben Platt to guest star in The Simpson

The stage performers will be lending their voices to the series later this year. Colman and Platt will be  joining the famous animated show for its upcoming 32nd season, as revealed at 2020’s virtual Comic Con.

While Ben Platt’s role remain unknown, Olivia Colman will take on the role of a femme fatale. Other big names are said to be joining the show, including David Harbour, Hannibal Buress and Michael Palin.

The two stars will join the list of stage names who have appeared on the show including Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Laurie, Jane Lynch, and more!

Ben Platt is currently shining in his own Netflix TV Show “The Politician”, following the success of his debut album “Sing To Me Instead”. Olivia Colman is also part of a hit-tv show as you can catch her as Elizabeth II in “The Crown”.


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