&Juliet extends its booking period again in the West End

Words by Léna Fontaine

Fantastic news for the fans of &Juliet! The booking period of the hit musical has been extended to 24 July 2021 at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London. The musical opened in the West End in november 2019 and gained instant popularity, becoming one of the most acclaimed show in the city. Unfortunately, performances had to be stopped when tehatres closed all over the city due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you had tickets to see the show during this period, there is now plenty of time for you to see it during the following summer! Fortunately, the first sing-a-long performance of &Juliet, which was supposed to take place on May 12, has been rescheduled. Fans will now be able to experience this sing-a-long on 15 December 2020.

The sing-a-long performance is a regular performance, except that you get to actuallly sing the songs of the show at the top of your lungs! “I Want It That Way”, “Oops I Did It Again” or even “Teenage Dream”… If you don’t know the words to some of Max Martin’s most known hits, there will be screens around the stage with the lyrics on. So get those vocal cords ready!

The cast of this Shakespearan gem of a show includes Miriam-Teak Lee as Juliet and Jordan Luke Gage as Romeo. Also in the cast are Grace Mouat, Cassidy Janson, Oliver Tompsett, Arun Blair-Mangat, Melanie La Barrie, Tim Mahendran, David Bedella, Jocasta Almgill, Alex Tranter, Alishia-Marie Blake, Ivan De Freitas, Rhian Duncan, Danielle Fiamanya, Kieran Lai, Josh Baker, Nathan Lorainey-Dineen, Jaye Marshall, Antoine Murray-Straughan, Kerri Norville, Christopher Parkinson, Dillon Scott-Lewis and Kirstie Skivington.


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