Making A Murderer: The Musical to make its world premiere at 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

BAFTA-winning comedy writer Phil Mealey, known for co-creating Early Doors and co-writing episodes of the beloved The Royle Family, will star in his new musical Making A Murderer: The Musical at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Based on the real case and true events of Steven Avery, which inspired the award-winning Netflix true crime documentary series and global phenomenon, the comedy/drama musical will play at the Cowbarn at Underbelly’s Bristo Square from 3-29 August 2022.

Created by and starring BAFTA-winning comedy writer Phil Mealey, the show highlights the many flaws, biases and inconsistences that contributed to both of Mr Avery’s convictions and that exist in the justice system today.

Making A Murderer: The Musical follows Avery’s conviction, exoneration, and subsequent re-arrest for murder in his hometown of Manitowoc.

Mealey’s captivating comedy-drama takes audiences on an emotional and eye-opening journey into the life and story of a man and his family’s fight for freedom that has enthralled people all over the world and has helped shine a light on the injustices and failings of a broken system.

Produced by Alison HalliseyMaking A Murderer: The Musical by Phil Mealey will be directed by Christian Durham (ZorroBreaking the Code) with set and costume design by Gregor Donnelly (Stones in His PocketsBroken Wings), musical direction by Rob Owen, casting direction by Harry Blumenau, choreography by Kate Salmon, production management, sound and lighting design by Dickson Cossar and general management by Smart Entertainment.

Mealey said of the musical,

“When I watched the documentary, like many others 

I was outraged at the way the system seemed stacked against Steven and his nephew Brendan. As a writer I saw so many astonishing twists and turns and intriguing characters that if this were written as an original story no-one would believe it was plausible. 

Drama has the ability to tackle sensitive, real-life subjects and in this case consider the impact of crime on the victims and their families, but music serves as a powerful cue to emotions, memories and feelings that cannot be communicated through words alone.

Our intention is to highlight and parody the inconsistencies in the case where people with power have not used that power fairly or effectively. Compassion and empathy must extend to all those who are victims of a flawed system so that they receive the justice that they truly deserve.”.

Making A Murderer The Musical supports The Innocence Project.

Further casting will be announced at a later date. Tickets are now on sale at


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