Scripted podcast “The Old People’s Channel” releases episodes 9 and 10


Previously on The OPC, 83-year-old Bernard Bentlee has launched a daring and breathtaking project – a television channel offering provocative content to senior viewers. Lillian, his alarmed wife, and Annette, his daughter, are convinced that he has become dangerously senile. But his twenty-year-old granddaughter Ashley, who dotes on her grandpa, passionately supports his enterprise. Annette has been scheming to put a stop to her father’s efforts to launch the channel. To her shock, she discovers that not only is Ashley working for Grandpa, but her older daughter as well – Madison, from whom she has been bitterly estranged.

In the last episode, a young assistant producer named Robbie expects to be fired after screwing up an interview with a notorious call girl. But he learns he will now be hosting a weekly talk show instead. When he shares his good fortune with Ashley, a flame ignites between the two.

In Episode Nine, “Who Knew?”, Ashley and Madison persuade Grandma Lillian to attend a pilot. The topic is “The Secret Lives of Old People,” with Robbie hosting. After a couple of audience members tell amazing stories, Lillian impulsively jumps up to tell her own embarrassing secret. Who knew? Not Robbie, and this time he’s certain his head is on the chopping block.

In Episode Ten, “Prodigal Daughter”, after four years of estrangement Madison finds the courage to visit her psychiatrist father and his second wife Gwen. Gwen discloses a secret that binds Maddy to her in fast friendship. On top of that, her father reveals how he risked his career to marry the woman he loved.

A modern twist on the classic radio play format, The OPC is equal parts comedy and heart. Easy to binge and hard to forget, this is one podcast that will leave you wanting more. (And more is on the way: a second season is being scripted.)

The OPC is a Mozine Productions podcast, created and written by executive producer Richard Curtis and produced and directed by Megan Simard, with technical production, sound design, and music by Steve Mecca.

The cast of The OPC features Loni AckermanOpal BessonVictoria BundonisJoe CosentinoPeter DichterDianna DudleyTodd FaulknerKerry FrancesDavid GibsonNicole GreevyCary HiteShonita JoshiJamie Lee KearnsBunny LevineTodd LewisHilary MannSevans Martinez, Steve MeccaKris ParedesMarina Re, Merritt ReidPeter ReznikoffRichard SacherMegan SimardDick TerhuneDan TrumanJenne Vath, and Dathan B. Williams.

The OPC, an original scripted podcast series created and written by Richard Curtis has released its ninth and tenth episodes, each under 20 minutes, now available on all streaming platforms.


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