Powerhouse team launches revolutionary full-service concert agency “Full Circle Artists”

It was announced today that a powerhouse team of collaborators, including Tony Award nominee Jarrod Spector and stage and screen star Kelli Barrett, have launched Full Circle Artists, a revolutionary full-service, bicoastal concert agency providing artists & venues the highest caliber entertainment and service imaginable.
With expertise in management, hospitality, marketing, and creative development, the Full Circle Artists coalition of industry veterans offers clients and presenters steadfast care in every area including building shows that move audiences, creating effective marketing materials, working clearly and diligently with presenters on all tech and hospitality details, bringing premium talent to the stage, and more.
In addition to Spector and Barrett, the FCA roster also currently boasts Tony Award nominee Jenn Colella, Golden Globe Nominee Marilu Henner, Erika Henningsen, Miguel Cervantes, Bobby Conte, Micaela Diamond, and Paula West.
“We’ve been so fortunate during the course of our relationship (and especially the pandemic) to be able to create and share our own shows all over the country – but it wasn’t simple,” said Barrett and Spector. “With all the moving parts, putting on successful and thoughtful concerts is like running four different companies at the same time. After 10+ years of getting good at it, we want to help others do the same; that’s why we’ve partnered with the best in the business – people we trust with our own careers – to care for artists the way they deserve, in a low-stress, creatively collaborative environment that pays well.”
With Spector and Barrett helming the creative division, John Iachetti, a 35 year veteran of sales and hospitality who’s responsible for the growth and branding of the Michael Feinstein clubs throughout the country, is the head agent. Anna Marie Prescutti, current VP of Feinstein’s at the Nikko, and the first and only female executive for Nikko Hotels International, is VP of sales. Rounding out the team is head of marketing, Dani Ortega, who brings 15 years of entertainment and hospitality marketing experience.

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