Call My Agent! (Dix Pour Cent) to be produced as a brand-new musical in 2024

The original TV production (created by Fanny Herrero and produced by Dominique Besnehard, Cédric Klapisch, Michel Feller, Aurelien Larger and Harold Valentin) launched in France in 2015. The French comedy-drama series currently has four series and plans to return with a 90-minture TV film.

It has since been announced that there will be a new English language version of the TV show launching on Amazon Prime later this year, titled Ten Percent.

Call My Agent! has become the most successful original French TV comedy of all time, recently winner of Best Comedy Series at the International Emmy Awards. The format has now been licensed to many countries including Italy, India, Turkey and South Korea.

Adam Kenwright of Kindred Partners said

“We are so excited about bringing Call My Agent! to life in a new West End musical. We believe we can produce a brand-new musical that can deliver wit, comedy and high drama with the romance of Paris.”

David Livingstone of Calamity Films has said

“We are thrilled to be creating this brand-new musical production of Call My Agent!. The show has got to feel like it’s transformed into something different, highlighting issues of empowerment, the troubles that stardom can bring, and ensure the agents are at the heart of the story throughout.”

Michel Feller of Mon Voisin Productions has said

“The TV show has been so successful across the globe that Kindred Partners and Calamity Films need to be totally free to make the best show they can. We have a very good mix between comedy and emotions. It’s a family, in a crazy little company.”

As with the TV show, there are plans to have a special guest star in the new musical production each week. The creative team for the new stage production of Call My Agent! The Musical will be announced later this year, with plans for the production to launch in London in late 2024.


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