New cast announced for The Great Gatsby at Immersive LDN

Elliot Liburd will join the company for the first time to play ‘Jay Gatsby’. He will be joined on stage by Safeena Ladha who will play ‘Daisy’.

About his casting announcement, Elliot Liburd said,

I’m really excited to explore the character of Gatsby, he is all at once mysterious and readable, vulnerable and authoritative. All of F Scott’s characters are so rich, I can’t wait to see how my version of Gatsby fits into the ensemble. Immersive theatre feels like a natural evolution of the industry especially after a pandemic. I think people are looking for connection and what better way than a party that is also a show!”

Safeena Ladha said,

I am delighted to be playing Daisy. What a character! I think she might be seen by some as just “the golden girl or the love interest” sort of character but I think she is more complex and real than just that ideal. She is, yes, a fictional character but I get to bring my interpretation of her to life; a real woman with real feelings. And what a world for the actors and the audience to be in! We all get to be inside Gatsby’s party, experiencing it together, and we all get to contribute to how things play out – it’s real! I’m excited to see what the audience bring out of our characters each night.”

Hugh Stubbins will continue in the role of ‘Nick Carraway’, Steve McCourt will continue in the role of ‘George Wilson’ and Jessica Hern will continue in the role of ‘Jordan Baker’. Alex Wingfield will take the role of ‘Tom Buchanan’, Aimee Barrett will take the role of ‘Myrtle Wilson’, and Greg Fossard will take the role of ‘Rosy Rosenthal’. New company members Sophia Lewis and Euan Wilson will play ‘Lucille’ and ‘Joey’.

Forced to close in March 2020 due to the pandemic, The Great Gatsy, created and directed by Alexander Wright, The Great Gatsby, will be playing at Gatsby’s Mansion at Immersive LDN in Mayfair until 30 October 2022.

Tickets for THE GREAT GATSBY are on sale now via


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