Doctor Who Time Fracture extends its booking period to September 2022

Doctor Who: Time Fracture is now booking through September 2022. The show was initially supposed to close in April but this adventure across time and space has taken root at UNIT HQ in Mayfair, having literally weathered storms and the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic – and continues to entertain fans of both Doctor Who and immersive theatre experiences to rapturous response.

About this announcement, Brian Hook, Chief Creative Officer – Immersive Everywhere said: 

‘As we move towards a more optimistic time for theatres and the industry (and life in general!!), we feel confident about the demand and appetite for unique experiences. We look forward to welcoming new audiences to the show for a memorable time.’

Doctor Who: Time Fracture puts fans at the heart of the story, plunged into a journey across space and time. Travelling through amazingly realistic worlds, audiences will discover that it’s time to step up, be the hero and save the universe!

Tickets for April – September are available to buy now.


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