Rob McClure highlights the works of the conductors of Broadway with his “Conductor Cam”

Words by Léna Fontaine

He’s been entertaining us during this lockdown and that’s one way to pass the time! Rob McClure took to Twitter to post every other day a new video of his lockdown series #conductorcam! From Into The Woods to Dear Evan Hansen, the actor gave everything – even while filling in on the keys – to keep the musical theatre community alive.

A nod to the conductors, whose work sometimes gets unnoticed as few audience members get to catch a glimpse of what’s happening backstage – or underneath it! Weird and wacky facial expression, dramatic baton moves and peculiar cues and boost, their hidden performances are just as entertaining and important as those from the actors on stage.

So far, there has been ten episodes in the #ConductorCam series with performances featuring songs from Dear Evan Hansen (Waving Through The Window), Hamilon (Hurricane) or Dreamgirls (And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going).

Ever wonder what the conductor is doing during intermission ? Well, beside giving his all to some musical theatre classics, He also gave us a sneak peek at what’s going on when the lights are about to go down and the curtain up (See episode 4!).

Rob McClure is starring in Mrs. Doubtfire, which was set to open this year, before the shutdown took place following the coronavirus outbreak. His other works include Beetlejuice, Something Rotten and Avenue Q to name a few.


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