WATCH : The worldwide Queens of SIX joined forces in a glorious online performance

Words by Léna Fontaine

What a royal performance. Fans around the globe joined forces with various cast of SIX for a special lockdown performances. Organized by Grace Mouat and Danielle Steers from the West End Cast, the video features cast from the UK, Broadway, Australia and tour, as well as thousands of royal fans.

Though SIX’s performances had to be stopped due to the coronavirus outbreak, this didn’t stop the royal stones as they managed to sing a peculiar and exclusive version of the show anthem, bringing together over 3000 fans and cast from all over the world. Even Toby Marlow, one of the show creator, took part and joined the queens, keep an eye out for the cameo!

Some sing, some dance, some cosplay their character but in the end, they came together to create a once in a lifetime performance. The video also aims to call for fans to donate to varuous charities to support artists and staff during this crisis, including the U.K.’s Acting for Others, The Actors Fund in the U.S., and Australia’s Support Act.

The hit musical, created by Marlow and Moss, tells the story of the six wives of Henry VIII from their very own perspective with the help of pop-anthems and impressive tracks. After originating in the UK and going on several tour, SIX began its run on Broadway on February 13.


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