Happy Trails: Zach Adkins

(Photo: Playbill)
By Moira Armstrong, Jordan Nash-Boulden, and Erin Milner

In March of 2018, a new Dmitry began his run in Broadway’s Anastasia. He had big shoes to fill, taking over the lead from Derek Klena, a Broadway veteran who had originated the role — but he was certainly up to the task, and quickly became a fan favorite and a fixture in the Anastasia family.

This is, of course, Zach Adkins. Having previously showcased a multitude of talents as part of the Anastasia ensemble and, prior to that, as Charlie Price in the national tour of Kinky Boots, Adkins certainly had all the tools to succeed. The result was a glowing transition to the show’s full-time leading man that both fans and fellow cast and crew members were excited about. In an interview with Playbill.com, Adkins says, “I started trying to find solutions to make the part my own in a very realistic way and I think that translated well in the recasting. I was going into the audition room, comfortable in my version. I wasn’t doing exactly what Derek [Klena, the original Dmitry] was doing. I wanted to give the creative team something that they were really familiar with but also something authentically me.”

Soon, Adkins was capturing hearts at every performance. His portrayal was funny, kind-hearted, and unique, and was able to bring both laughter and tears from audience members night after night. Adkins’ take on the role showcased a boyish and excitable side of the otherwise charming con man, and only served to further cement his place in the hearts of fans of all ages, among whom he will be dearly missed.

Zach Adkins plays his final show at the Broadhurst Theatre on November 25. Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson will take on the role beginning November 29th.


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