Playai to premiere at Riverside Studios in April 2023

Metatheto Theatrical is delighted to announce the premiere of PlayAI at London’s Riverside Studios on Friday 28 April 2023, followed by 3 performances on Saturday 29 April.

PlayAI is a thrilling unique theatrical project, written by ChatGPT (an AI model which interacts in a conversational way) which seeks to prompt a conversation about the future of our industry and the relationship it will have with AI. A popular topic at the moment, this project is anything but a gimmick. PlayAI is a play written by ChatGPT for a specified make up of cast members, pushing the boundaries of what AI can do in terms of theatre making – with artificial intelligence suggesting lighting, sound and set design for the piece of work it creates. The show will hold a panel debate after the final performance, with the panellists to be announced.

Director Matt Bond said:

“Our hope is that AI augments the work of industry professionals and it is a technological revolution that, although we may not be able to accurately predict what it will look like in 10 years’ time, we will be living with. AI in 2023 is looking very much like 2007 and the advent of mass social media and the iPhone.”

This production of PlayAI is produced by Metatheto Theatrical and Directed by Matt Bond, with Casting by Pearson Casting and General Management by Jack Maple Productions.


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