I’M GONNA MARRY YOU TOBEY MAGUIRE to play the Cell theatre this july

Jacob Stuckelman of Watermark Productions announced today that the World Premiere production of the new play I’M GONNA MARRY YOU TOBEY MAGUIRE, written by Samantha Hurley and directed by Tyler Struble, will play Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theatre (338 West 23rd Street) this July.

“If Shakespeare or Arthur Miller read this play, their brains would probably ooze out of their ears and honestly, I love that for me, for us,” shares playwright Samantha Hurley. “This is a play for my people. This is for the girlies who were writing One Direction fan fiction and for anyone who has ever kissed a glossy TigerBeat or M magazine poster in their room. You may think this play is not for you, but it probably is.” 

To cope with the absence of her father, neglect of her mother, and ridicule by her classmates, eighth-grader Shelby Hinkley has put all of her time and energy into the only thing that matters in 2004: Spiderman. When leading a devout online fan club proves insufficient to her needs, Shelby decides to risk it all for love, kidnap famous actor Tobey Maguire and marry him in her basement. Her fantasies of happily ever after start to crumble as she realizes Tobey may not be the charismatic, heartthrob actor she thinks she knows. A Y2K farce, I’M GONNA MARRY YOU TOBEY MAGUIRE is a full-throttle explosion of our para-social relationships and the obsessions that detonate them.

Additional information, including dates and casting, will be announced shortly. Please visit TheCellTheatre.org/2023.


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