World Premiere of Soul Sisters to tour the UK this Spring

Leading the cast of this gripping new musical is ex Sugababe Amelle Berrabah. She will be joined on stage by Emmerdale’s star Nicole Faraday and Wendi Harriott. She previously shot to fame when she appeared on ITV’s The Voice.

Soul Sisters tells the story of Dionne, Monique, & Rachael, who have known each other for 30 years yet nothing can prepare them for the revelations that unfold during a reunion at a Soul Weekender. Together, they face the real, honest truth and express themselves in the only way they know how – through the very music that brought them together. Soul Sisters is an exhilarating new all-female soul musical that will take you on a journey of success, survival and sisterhood.

The show will be directed by Angie Le Mar and will embark on a UK Tour on Friday 25 March 2022 at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable with a closing night on Sunday 29 May 2022.

Amelle Berrabah said:

“When I read the script, I knew I wanted to be in this amazing show instantly. I understand the dynamics of being in a girl band, the unspoken bond, the friendship, the respect for one another and knowing what the other is feeling with just a simple look. The character I will be playing is called Dionne, a flirtatious, confident woman. Although the character is quite far away from who I am as a person, it is a very exciting role to play and I honestly can’t wait to bring her to life.”

Angie Le Mar said:

“I am truly honoured to be directing this amazing musical. I grew up listening to Soul Music, it was not only the soundtrack to my life but to many people’s lives. David Kent the writer of Soul Sisters has given us a great relatable story of sisterhood, friendship, and so much more. This production will hit you on so many levels from beginning to end! If you love music, love Soul and the memories, you’ll love Soul Sisters.”


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