The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe Tour Adds Two New Dates

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has been extended with the addition of dates at New Wimbledon Theatre (12-16 April 2022) and the Bristol Hippodrome (3-7 May 2022).

This week the show is in Aylesbury and continues its journey of the UK and Ireland to Southampton next week, then Sunderland, Salford, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Canterbury, Plymouth, Glasgow, Birmingham, Dublin, Woking, Norwich, Wimbledon and finally Bristol in May 2022.

Described by its Bristol based director Michael Fentiman as ‘total theatre’ this epic new production is a mixture of dance, puppetry and actor-musicianship. The show tells the story Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter as they step through the wardrobe into the enchanted kingdom of Narnia. Here the embark on magical adventures and meet a faun, talking beavers, the noble king of Narnia and the evil White Witch along the way.

Samantha Womack leads the cast as the evil White Witch. She is joined by Ammar Duffus as Peter Pevensie, Shaka Kalokoh as Edmund Pevensie, Robyn Sinclair as Susan Pevensie and Karise Yansen as Lucy Pevensie.

Aslan is played by Chris Jared, Mr Tumnus by Jez Unwin, Mr Beaver by Sam Buttery and Maugrim by Michael Ahomka-Lindsay.  They are also joined by Oliver Bingham (Mr Brinkworth, March Hare and Aslan Puppeteer), Scott Brooks (Mr Pope, Fox Trot, Associate Music Captain), Rachel Dawson (Miss Chutney, Blue Badger and Spirit of the Moon), Oliver Grant (Mr Wilson, Schrodinger, Red Squirrel and Aslan Puppeteer), Matthew James Hinchliffe (Mr Marsden, Mauve Mole), Tash Holway (on stage Swing, Dance Captain), Shaun McCourt (Mr Granville, Jack Rabbit, Aslan Puppeteer), Sophie Naglik (on stage Swing) Kate Parr (Miss Gumley-Warmley and Phoenix), Conor O’Kane (on stage Swing), Christina Tedders (Mrs Beaver), Brad Veitch (on stage Swing). Johnson Willis (Professor Kirk, Father Christmas, Wise Owl and White Mouse) and Grace Wylde (Mrs Pevensie, Robin and Falcon)

The show is directed by Michael Fentiman. Joining him on the creative team are Tour Set and Costume Designer Tom Paris, Dramaturg Adam Peck, Composers Benji Bower and Barnaby Race, who is also the Music Supervisor, Choreographer Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus, Lighting Designer Jack Knowles, Sound Designers Ian Dickinson and Gareth Tucker for Autograph, Puppetry Director Toby Olié, Puppetry Designer Max Humphries, Aerial Director Gwen Hales, Illusionist Chris Fisher, Music Director Toby Higgins, Movement Consultant Dan Canham, Casting Director Will Burton, Fight Director Jonathan Holby, Costume Supervisor Joanna Coe, Wigs and Make Up Supervisor Susanna Peretz, Props Supervisor Lizzie Frankl, and Associate Director James Callàs Ball.

Get your tickets now for this magic production and keep your eyes peeled for our review!


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