Resource Guide for Anti-Racism in Theatre: Broadway

By Moira Armstrong


As we create lists of resources for educating yourself on anti-racism, diversifying your social media feeds, and supporting Black organizations circulate, we wanted to compile a similar list focused around Broadway!

Thank you to @afterastorms and @taylorswit for the original posts that inspired this, and the news outlets and creators whose content is linked. This would not have been possible without you.

This is, of course, nowhere near complete; you can always reach out to us on Instagram, Twitter, or via email to suggest additions. We would love your input!

Additionally, anti-racism is not simply a problem in the professional theatre world. While these resources are (almost) exclusively about Broadway, we encourage our readers to seek out similar content regarding high school, university, and community theatre. If you are not Black, offer your support to peers and colleagues who are. And if you are Black, working in one of those spaces, and willing to speak out about your experiences, please contact us. We would be thrilled to use our platform to amplify your voice. 

When Broadway opens again, support these theatres who provided sanctuary to protesters, marchers, and activists!


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