[Interview] Harriet Watson on SIX, Tour Life and lockdown favorites

Words by Dorothy Grace Franklin – you can find this interview in our latest issue!
Picture: all rights reserved

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Harriet Watson, the dance captain, and alternate for the roles of Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr in the UK tour of Six: the musical! Here’s what she had to say!

What is your favourite thing about Seymour?

My favourite thing about Seymour is that she is such a motherly character, but has these explosions of emotion. I think it keeps her very exciting!

And what is your favourite thing about Parr?

I love how grounded Parr is. She has a very cool vibe about her and a natural leader. Plus, throughout her song you get to find out so much more stuff about her, for example, her being a writer and fought for female education. She was a badass!!!!

How much did you know about ‘Six’ before auditioning?

I had seen the show at Edinburgh fringe two years ago and fell in love straight away. I knew I had to be a part of it so learnt the soundtrack in a week, and then went to see it in town as well. It was like watching a girl group and they were all incredible queens to watch!

If you weren’t mainly playing the queens you already play, which queen would you want to play full-time? 

I adore the fact that in my job I get to play all the queens, so this is really hard because each of them has their own qualities which I see in myself, but my favourite is definitely Boleyn. She lets me be mischievous and have a lot of fun on stage and also provides a lot of comedic relief in scenes!

What are some of your biggest dream roles?

My biggest dream role ever is Nancy in Oliver!!!!

What is your favourite part of tour life?

My favourite part is getting to tour around with my theatre family. We perform, live and do lots of activities with each other. I absolutely adore every single one of them!

Who are your inspirations and idols, both on-stage or off? 

Of course, number one is my mum! She showed me what hard work really is and to never give up on anything, even with someone repeatedly telling you “no”, because if it’s what you want, you have to go for it. And my inspirations in the industry are the actresses Daisy Cooper and Catherine Tate. Both are absolutely hilarious, and they created their own work when someone said they couldn’t do it!

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

When we are all standing on the rostra behind the kabuki, we would all put our hands in as the show started, and lift them up before we go out and do the show, which I loved because we always go out as a team!

What is your favourite cast recording that you’ve been listening to during lockdown?

As cliche as this is, I’ve been teaching a lot of Six workshops, so I’ve had it on repeat all the time; plus I don’t want to forget the words for when we start again!

What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to anyone who wants to go into theatre professionally?

My biggest piece of advice is to work really hard, so you can be as diverse as possible and make your craft the best it can be. And secondly is to always be yourself. Don’t copy anyone or compare yourself because you can only do you!

And lastly, is there anything else you’d like to say to the readers of Curtain Call?

Stay safe and stay at home. You guys are amazing for saving peoples lives!


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